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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunny and Warm

If I had made a New Year’s resolution to ride my bike more—and I didn’t—I would be off to a flying start. I don’t need to tell myself to ride more; I just need the right weather. It’s been sunny and as high as 22˚ the past few days so bike riding is pretty much a given. Yesterday I rode a total of about four hours out in the villages around Valencia. Today I just did my usual hour and a half beach circuit and either I’m in shitty shape, or I was tired from yesterday’s ultra-marathon, or I rode my ass off, because I was thoroughly beat by the end of the ride.  The beach bike trail is getting more and more popular which means lots of domingueros, or Sunday  drivers that you have to watch out for. There is still lots of room to put the hammer down, which is what I did on most of the return ride.

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