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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting Around, Seeing the Town

All of the hard work and sacrifice have finally paid off.  Yes, I finally bought a basket for my city bike (It’s not a girl’s bike, god damn it!). This bike weighs at least as much as any car I have ever owned so it’s a really good thing that Valencia is as flat as a tortilla. Just to hump this pig out of the Turia river park I have to work up a decent head of steam. I still have a bit of adjusting to do to make this bike perfect, things like getting new brake pads and tire for the front but I am really happy with this purchase. I use it for all of my around town trips. I only ride my other bike for sport or for any longer trips out of Valencia. As I am one of the first kids in the neighborhood to own one of these bikes I am the envy of all my friends. Most people here have some sort of shitty mountain bike for transportation around town—not very stylish I’m afraid. If it’s style you want you can’t beat a puke orange leviathan like this one I picked up in a pawn shop.

 There are public drinking fountains and then there are public drinking fountains. Since water is absolutely essential for human existence the Spanish have deemed the allocation of this compound to be important enough to warrant cool dispensers. I drink filtered water at home and I refuse to drink bottled water. I can rarely carry enough water for my bike rides so these beautiful fountains are a welcome sight when I am dry. The drinking water is completely safe although it has a bit too much chlorine.  It is certainly better than dying of thirst and better than wasting a plastic bottle. I have a mental map of the fountains along my bike rides so that I can refill my bottles and camelback.

A completely retarded T-shirt with something printed on it that only remotely resembles English.  Why? Why would anyone wear this shirt let alone pay for it? This T-shirt says: BOAK NEAT Previous Festival. Whatever the fuck that means.

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  1. I would wear that shirt.

    Boak J. Neat


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