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Friday, April 02, 2010

Valencia CF 2-2 Atlético de Madrid

Valencia came back from the brink of defeat against Atlético de Madrid last night in Mestalla and settled for a 2-2 draw. I thought that Valencia dominated most of the match even though Atlético led almost the entire game. A loss with Atlético gaining two away goals would have been an almost insurmountable challenge for Valencia as they play the return game next week in Madrid. Valencia can never seem to do anything the easy way. They lost the opener against Brugges in Belgium and then drew at home in the first game against Werder (Valencia advanced after that completely insane 4-4 match in Germany) so I guess you can say that history is on our side this year.

In other games:

Fulham 2-1 Wolfsburg
Benfica 2-1 Liverpool
Hamburg 2-1 Standard de Liège

Can Valencia make it to the final in Hamburg on Wednesday 12 May? If they do you can bet that they will take the difficult route.

So there has been some very exciting football the last three nights. In the Champions League we saw two brilliant games earlier in the week. Bayern Munich beat Manchester 2-1. Franck Ribéry is one of the most competitive players in the game today.  On Wednesday Arsenal pulled off a 2-2 with Barça although Cesc Fabrègas broke his foot shooting a penalty kick to tie the game and will be out for the season and will probably also miss the World Cup games for Spain.


  1. Barcelona should have won. The were playing NOT to lose.

  2. Lyon v. Bordeaux was fun to watch. We did it last night at a French bistro in our new neighborhood.

  3. I missed the French game. Too many Barça folks around here. The penalty at the end of the Arsenal/Barça game was kind of bullshit but it makes the return game a lot more interesting.


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