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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Just in Case You Forgot

I like France more than most Americans.  I like bicycles more than most humans.  For three weeks every July these two things that I love come together.  I sit in front of the TV and for about two hours a day and I watch people ride bicycles around France.  I’m the guy at the gym pedaling the exercise bike, drenched in sweat, intently watching people pedal bikes on TV.  I’m the guy who answers your Tour de France questions as you file out of the cardio room.  “How’s Lance doing?”  That is the question I get the most.  “He’s right where he wants to be,” is my standard reply.  I’m a scary fanatic but I’m friendly enough.
I know that I should be riding outside on these wonderful summer days here in Seattle but I can kill two birds with one stone if I ride and watch the Tour at the same time.  I’m killing three birds because I am also reading.  I may actually have time to work out at the gym and ride outside today.
Tomorrow is Saturday and a great day to put my bike on my car and drive out to the mountains to train.  But tomorrow is also one of the pivotal days in the Tour this year.  The riders must negotiate a brutal mountain stage with over 15,000 feet of elevation gain.  I guess I’ll just have to tilt my exercise bike uphill because there is no fucking way I am going to miss this stage of the Tour.  Barring massive earthquakes, I think the mountains will still be here in Washington after this year’s Tour is finished. 

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