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Friday, May 31, 2002

Arab Terrorism, Britney Spears, Arafa Is Gay, Sex, Sex, and Sex

That should just about corner the market on google searches. Now that all of you are at this site let me just give you a few instructions: turn off your computer, push yourself away from the screen, stand up, pull up your pants, and walk outside into the glorious sunshine of a real world with real people.

Search engines are a marvelous thing. I use Google all the time for research and I'm consistently and constantly amazed by the miracles it performs. On the other hand, I am consistently appalled by the filth that people are looking for on the net. I know this because of the tracking device I have gives me the searches that people enter to get here. What is appalling is that the filth-seekers find their way to my (relatively) chaste page. OK, scratch ‘appalled.’ That word no longer exists in 21rst century American life. How can you be appalled when everything is for sale? Allow me to re-phrase that. I am intrigued by the circuitous manner in which certain disturbed individuals find their way to my page.

I have had people stumble here looking for the Sister Act website and freaks searching for anything to do with priests and boys and a number of disturbing search requests( this sort of makes sense if you read this page). I wish that I could say that I welcome you one and all to LEFTBANKER but I’m looking for a specific demographic. I am trying to get readers who have their pants on. Call me a dreamer.

What’s my point? How the fuck should I know? I’m home sipping scotch and smoking a cigar. Oh yeah, I did have a point. Always use home made chicken stock when cooking bean soup because the stuff out of the can is little more than water and salt. Wait, this isn’t a cooking lesson. Note to self: stop writing after second scotch or you may ramble on about stuff that only Martha would care to read.

I suppose that I started off with the idea of preaching about the evils of virtual reality and the internet but here I am, another contributor to the information virtual sewer. I have no point to make but I feel pretty strongly about the home made chicken stock issue.

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