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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Is it still America's New War?

More than anything I have come to view this war as a siege against what little remains of the American Left. By Left I mean anyone or any institution that views the needs of the people to be more of a national priority than the need for big companies to squeeze out another dollar. Bush entered the White House through the back door and this whole terrorist event was a godsend. Suddenly everyone either thinks he is wonderful or is too afraid or too cowardly to oppose him in any way.

Have you noticed that even liberals must preface their arguments against Bush with an "of course the events of 9/11 are unspeakable..." (See several mealy-mouthed monthly columns by Harper’s Lewis Lapham). I don't feel any need to apologize for voicing my dissent. I refuse to relinquish my right as a citizen to criticize a president not elected by a majority of the populace. A president not elected, but appointed by his dad's supreme court.

This whole thing is so blown out of proportion it isn't even funny. The media has everyone believing that if only we can get rid of these pesky terrorist everything will be paradise. Since 9/11 this country has lost about 18,000 lives as a result of automobile accidents. That is more of a threat to our security than anything some religious zealots could dream up. The truth is that the average person has about as much chance of being the victim of terrorism as suffocating by having their head stuck in a horse's butt like in Police Academy (see this in The Onion).

Taking off your shoes to go on an airplane, three hour waits to get across the Canadian border; this is all a bit much for me. Did anyone else out there notice that this whole Homeland Security (rhymes with mall security) is pretty creepy and Orwellian? Security is a myth, it is a joke.

Some moron host of a political debate show on CNN or one of those infomercial stations stated that Liberals hate America and this American kid they found among the Taliban is proof because he comes from "liberal" California. The show's supposed "liberals" were too afraid to venture much in the way of argument. I guess it never occurred to anyone on the show that Osama is pretty much the textbook definition of a conservative as was Timothy McViegh. I can't think of any liberals who have committed atrocities.

I can see Bush doing away with the minimum wage, social security, and public education as a means to fight terrorism. He is very quickly trying to dismantle all of the safety nets put in place during the great depression. Gotta go, I think someone if smashing in my door.

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