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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Noise Pollution Delivery System

I was sitting in one of my cafés the other day, minding my own damn business, when my tranquility was violently interrupted by the pounding of insufferably bad dance beats which are not to be mistaken for music. The godawful racket was right behind me, coming from this monstrosity of an automobile.

If someone were to offer this ridiculous car to me for free, but stipulated that I had to play at full volume the obscene trash this person was blasting on his stereo system which probably cost more than most people’s entire automobile, I’d politely decline. I’d rather take the bus.

I could only imagine that this gay disco on wheels belonged to a footballer, as we don't have many cartel leaders in this part of Spain. I suppose that this thing is made for pulling up to the valet parking at a trendy night spot, but taking it to run errands on a Saturday morning seems embarrassingly absurd, or absurdly embarrassing.


  1. Sorry. I will try to keep it down next time. I was just stopping in for a quick caña on my way to Sol i Lluna in Xerea.

    1. I don't mind the loud volume, just play better music.


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