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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Death Under the Big Top

The circus is in town which usually means that there is more than one circus in the city competing for an audience. They plaster their posters side-by-side on every construction site wall and on every abandoned building. I’m absolutely certain that somewhere, at some time there was a gang fight between circuses.

This is obviously something that has been going on for ages. One ringleader will howl at his counterpart from the other circus, “This town isn’t big enough for two circuses!” Why would the term “ringleader” become a synonym for crime boss if this weren’t true?

Today, circuses settle their hatred of one another with a single epic battle, with each big-top sending a champion to represent their clan. Earlier this week in Valencia, a fight ended tragically in the death of the bearded lady from the Europe Circus. Her competitor from Alaska Circus, a midget who juggles swords, made short work of it. No pun intended, at least it wasn’t until I drew to the close of that last sentence and I'd already written it, but it's not like a pun could drag this little essay down any lower.

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