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Thursday, December 22, 2016

More Reasons To Be on Facebook

1 – You can look at the photos of the fancy food your friends eat while sitting at your desk inhaling microwave popcorn and a cold hot dog.

2 – “Funny” videos in which people probably end up dead or at the very least permanently injured but we never see the hospital or cemetery part so LOL!

3 – Life-affirming slogans attached to a picture of a sunset or some inspiring landscape until you find out someone was pranking you and the slogans were all shit Hitler said.

4 – Looking at pictures of friends who look a little dumpy these days makes you really appreciate the value of schadenfreude (just unfollow the vast majority of friends who make you feel like a total slob)

5 – Fake news! Tons of it!

6 – Friends like me who provide links to the really important stuff.

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