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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rites (Rights?) of Summer

My summer has been one step forward with cycling and other sports followed by at least one step back with early lunches (called almuerzo here in Spain) of embarrassingly luxurious food, many times shared in picnic form at a local café that allows us to bring in treasures from our local market next door. A single anchovy in oil over a piece of bread, the thinnest slice of jamón Serrano with melon, cheese with truffles, and other wonders that go directly from the market stall to the table without passing through the kitchen. Olives, of course, there are always olives.  It’s impossible to beat an ice cold beer after a two hour bike ride in August but a few sips of wine with the picnic is almost as good, so I have both...at the same time.

I’ve had a haircut since this picture was taken as my long hairstyle tended to vary (on its own) between television evangelist, professional wrestler, or country music star wannabe (and who wouldn't want to be a country music star?).

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