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Monday, June 13, 2016

Sexual Repression Gone Horribly Wrong

It’s painfully obvious that what Omar Mateen really, really wanted was to walk into that club and offer himself up to a conga-line gangbang involving every single customer, bartender, valet parker, coat check boy, and janitor in the place. He didn’t have the cojones to admit that he was gay and his religion makes that an offense punishable by death so he took the coward’s route. I'd wager that he achieved an orgasm. So according to ISIS: gay sex bad, genocide good.

Of course, we will focus on the Islamic nature of this tragedy while completely ignoring the fact that he acted alone. As a people we don’t have the political will to protect ourselves by having even the most basic laws about buying military grade weapons capable of this sort of slaughter. How can a guy on an FBI watch list legally buy a firearm of this potential? In France the psychopaths used assault weapons but at least they needed a vast network to pull this off whereas in America any mentally diseased asshole can simply put his credit card on the counter and walk out ready for WWIII.

I love it when people ask, “How many more tragedies will it take before we do something, anything about this?” Obviously it will take at least one more because we won’t do shit about this massacre other than spill a lot of useless rhetoric.

Update on closet queen Omar Mateen from the NYT. As it turns out he didn’t hate gays, he hated himself because he was gay, as I stated above.


  1. http://nypost.com/2016/06/13/shooter-used-to-visit-orlando-gay-club-use-gay-dating-apps/

  2. I'm guessing that something about childhood sexual abuse will also surface. This guy was about as ISIS as I am Catholic.


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