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Monday, April 11, 2016

Fight Fire with Fire and Then Some

Shit Stains on Humanity

There are a couple of strategies we could use to counter the message of Islamic terrorism in the West. First of all we need to call these people what they really are which is diseased psychopaths and serial killers. Instead we call them terrorists, or in the case of Le Figaro who calls them “commandos.” Commandos? How utterly romantic! Then we post their smiling faces as if they are asking for us to Friend them on Facebook. They aren’t brave, Che Guevara-like warriors; they are complete losers who murder innocent men, women, and children.

Next we need to shame them—dead or alive—after they commit their horrors. For every person they slaughter in their attacks we should give $5 million to the defense of Israel, a country they hate even more than us. This means that by killing innocent people in Europe these Islamists are directly defending Israel. We could even put up a plaque with their names on the Israeli border thanking them for their service to the Jewish homeland.

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