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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Betrayed by a Modern Convenience

This is the world’s worst toaster. How shitty is it? I gave it as a gift to someone and they gave it back when they left the country. A slice of bread got stuck inside and it was probably easier to rescue those 32 Chilean miners. I don’t remember how that story ended but I’m pretty sure they didn’t have to cut them all up into little pieces to bring them out. I'd buy a new model but I still have five payments to make on this one.

There was way too much profanity in this episode to interest CNN or any other news agency. The toaster ruined half of what was to be a steak sandwich so the swearing was justified.

I know that I'm assimilating because my knee-jerk profanity leaves my mouth in the Spanish version, at least some times. I really was trying to be a better person in Spanish and leave my potty mouth behind. As it turns out it just took me a while to learn all the good stuff; I blame movies from Argentina—those dudes can swear with the best of them, almost as good as Arabs.

Old habits die hard...or will probably die with me.

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