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Monday, July 20, 2015

A Page from the Fascist Playbook: Pitting the lower classes against one another

Bad hair, worse ideas.

With the whole Donald Trump race-baiting affair making its way through the news cycle we should all take a step back and consider just how this fits into the conservative plan for America as we see it unfolding. First we have created a vast divide between rich and poor beginning with the Reagan tax cuts in the 1980s. Virtually every law since then has added to the misallocation of income favoring those who already have too much at the expense of everyone else. Of course, it’s impossible to win an election when your group represents only the wealthiest 1% of Americans which means that you need to appeal to the prols on other issues besides taking care of their economic needs.

“Social issues” like abortion and “family values” (whatever the hell that means) have become the battle cry of conservatives for years now. Of course, wealthy people never need worry about safe abortion for their progeny because they have always had easy access to abortion. The only thing that making abortion the law of the land did was to extend this same right to the poorer people in America who didn’t have the resources to send their daughters to some other country where abortion is legal. As far as family values, whenever you hear of some group with the word “family” in the title you can rest assured that what they really mean are white, middle class families.

The most deceitful practice of the conservatives is to pit the lower classes against one another, as if one group of the poor is the enemy and responsible for the other group’s misfortune. At the beginning of the financial meltdown when Obama took office conservatives made a valiant effort to blame the whole scandal on deadbeat home owners. Next they went after school teachers, as if those entrusted with the education of our children don’t deserve a position in middle class society. Fast food workers have been constantly pilloried for having the gall to ask for a livable wage, one that doesn’t require them to ask for government assistance to make ends meet. You can forget about anyone on public assistance; they don't even rate as human beings as far as conservatives are concerned.

And now we have a purported Republican presidential candidate spewing the most hateful vile to have come out of the mouth of a politician since Munich…and he’s doing well in the polls! Here is a man who makes Sarah Palin look like Bertrand Russell in comparison and he is polling second among Republicans.

I am supremely confident that there aren't enough racist hicks in America to ever elect someone from this party as our president.