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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

If Only More of Life’s Problems Could Be Solved with a Rolled Up Magazine

As long as animals are going extinct anyway then why can’t moths disappear? If there’s a bigger waste of space in the animal kingdom I’ve never seen it. They have only two states: dormant and flying around in a complete panic like some dowager in a Marx Brothers movie who’s just seen a mouse.

What is a moth…exactly? They look like a butterfly that has been sleeping on a cardboard box behind a dumpster for a few months.

in an unrelated matter:

Call it wisdom, if you like, but as I move on in years I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion that there may be a little more to life than the path that I’ve taken of hoarding gold and slaves. 

Of course, I could be wrong so I won’t give up anything just yet without an armed struggle.