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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Bike Ride to Chulilla

90 kilometers is sort of the outer limit for a casual day trip on a mountain bike. This trip to Chulilla is one more reason why I need to get either a cyclo-cross bike or a racing bike.  Not that I’m complaining about doing 90K from Lliria to Chulilla because the pay-off was worth it: Chulilla is one of the most beautiful villages in Europe.  It was also very easy getting there as there is a bike path for a big portion of the route. It was also a perfect day but probably too hot for a lot of people.

It’s a bit hilly although I wouldn’t say there are hills. Let’s just say that there is a substantial elevation gain during the ride. The problem is that you go up and down and I prefer the mountain ascents where you put in all the work up front and then literally coast the entire return trip. In total there is more climbing to Chulilla than back and none of it is very steep. Just know that if you are going to do this route you should be prepared to hump up for quite a ways. I actually love climbing hills so I didn’t mind a bit.

I wish that I took pictures half as well as I ride a bike as most of my pictures were horrible and none of them do a bit of justice to this gorgeous jewel in the Valencia countryside.

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