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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Parking Is Hell

This audio is from Freakanomics. Listen to the podcast here:

There was a TV commercial years ago that showed a luxury sedan careening down a winding country road with the tagline: Either live closer to work or own the road in between. I chose door #1 and that has made all the difference. I haven’t driven a car in eight years (even before that I drove little) and if I never drive again that would suit me fine. If you have to drive to effect every aspect of daily living (shopping, work, school, entertainment, etc.) your life has some major flaws. If you disagree with this imagine if everyone on the planet shared your opinion and decided to drive everywhere every single day.

Many people will read this and blow a blood vessel in their brain but all I am saying is that if everyone on the planet drove every day the world would find itself in peril. We can’t all buy the road to work but many of us can live closer to where we need to be every day.

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