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Sunday, June 01, 2014

World Cup 2014 Brazil

Group A – Brazil, Croatia                                    Group B – Spain, Netherlands
Group C – Colombia, Greece                               Group D – Italy, England
Group E - France, Switzerland                             Group F – Argentina, Bosnia
Group G – Germany, USA                                  Group H – Belgium, Russia

These are my choices to make first and second in their groups.  I only have a couple of picks that don’t go along with the rankings (USA, England) and both are for emotional reasons.

For Spain to win another cup is almost impossible after taking the 2008 Eurocopa, the 2010 World Cup, and the 2012 Eurocopa. With that said Spain is still the best team. I tell people that if I had to bet everything on the outcome I would wager on Spain but the Spanish should brace themselves for anything. Spain could lose in the group play and be eclipsed by Holland and Chile (unlikely). As it goes I have only bet a lunch on Spain winning it all.


  1. Here's my quarterfinals:

    Spain vs England

    Argentina vs Belgium

    France vs Germany

    Brazil vs Italy


    Brazil vs Germany
    Spain vs Belgium

    Germany vs Belgium Winner: Belgium

  2. England is way better than anyone is predicting. They have a core group of super fast, super talented youngsters--Ross Barkley, Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge, Luke Shaw, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jack Wilshire, and Adam Lallana--who make this team faster and more dangerous than England has been in years. Their back defense is good and their defense backs, Leighton Baines and Glenn Johnson, are studs. Even old Steven Gerrard is on form. They can make the quarterfinals.

  3. I also feel that England is under-rated but they still may finda way not to win.

  4. You think the US gets past Portugal and moved Greece thru. We shall see!



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