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Friday, June 06, 2014

The Boundless Stupidity of American Conservatives Rears its Head...Again!

American conservatives have been going into hysterics over the exchange of a U.S. soldier for five Taliban shit balls who formerly resided in our illegal prison camp of Guantánamo. If Republicans were old dowagers in silent movies carrying on in this manner someone would slap their faces repeatedly and in the next frame of the film would be the caption “My God, pull yourself together!” On second thought, this is an insult to hysterical old dowagers who look like Rambo compared to our conservative leadership.

We have bigger traitors to worry about than some idiot kid. From the rumblings at Fox News and among conservatives pundits you would think that our nation has been brought to the verge of collapse by some E-5 nobody who no one had heard about only a few days ago (except those of us who read about it two years ago in Rolling Stone Magazine). What a fragile thing our United States of America, at least according to Fox News.

What about the generals and politicians that got us into this never-ending war, the leaders who didn’t learn a thing from Viet Nam about entering into a conflict that we can’t win? Even if he is a traitor we should still bring him home. And five Taliban assholes from Guantanamo? Who cares? We should have emptied that hellhole years ago. I'm not defending Bergdahi but turning this against our President is spiteful politics and nothing more. Accounts that six soldiers died trying to rescue him have been mostly debunked but conservatives shy away from long articles and prefer moronic slogans.

Read this and you’ll realize that the discipline among these troops was lower than in my Boy Scout troop and the military is nothing without discipline and hierarchy—at least when I served. This is some real Lord of the Flies crap. An almost complete lack of discipline is why there are so many sexual assaults among soldiers in today's Army.

Freeing a few shit bags from the Taliban is no threat to America. Who are we talking about here? The X-Men? According to a very off-his-meds John McCain they represent, “the hardest of the hard-core” and “the highest high-risk people,” who are “possibly responsible for the deaths of thousands.” In the interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” he noted others that have been released have “gone back into the fight.” If this were true then why weren’t they put on trial and sentenced? What qualifications do they have that make them so dangerous? Are they nuclear physicists? The five are tribal Taliban commanders. We invaded Afghanistan and they fought. That describes about a million combatants.

Do conservatives think that these five, bearded goat-fuckers represent everyone who hates the USA and wishes to do us harm? I would say that line begins in Morocco, goes across the north of Africa, through the entire Middle East, and ends in Pakistan, so five more haters is a drop in the ocean. We should have released everyone from Guantanamo while we had the opportunity (perhaps after giving them a heavy blast of radiation poisoning).

Read the comments from The Guardian: a lot more empathy for a soldier who was in combat than you will find among American chicken hawks.

I would be the first to agree that Obama should have done this quietly considering the fact that the kid was a bit of a psycho who deserted his post and went looking to be captured. Anyone who had bothered to read about this case knew that Bowe Bergdahl was no hero but we still should have brought him home.  Don’t believe the lies.


  1. Well written. I think bearded goat fuckers was edgy enough. The question is, does 5 for 1 set a good precedent as I think the Israelis are now up around 1200 to 1 for trades.

  2. 5 for 1? I think they did us a favor by clearing Guantánamo of five fewer imbeciles. We should have held out for 150 to 1 and we could have shut the doors on that shameful bit of US history.


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