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Monday, March 03, 2014

Weather Update

As we roll into the first week of March we have left behind a winter that was never here. This comes at a time when I have the most comfortable apartment in all my years here in Spain. This place doesn’t have heat but it have better windows than my former residences. The fact that it isn’t blessed with three meter ceilings like two of my former majestic apartments also makes it a lot more comfortable when the temperatures drop. There hasn’t been a single day this winter that I have felt uncomfortable because of the weather. In past winters—all of the others since I came here—I have had to suffer some through the cold.

This year I don’t think that the thermometer ever dropped to freezing. I was almost hoping that it would get colder simply to test just how well my new apartment can protect me from the elements. And now it’s March which in Valencia means that the cold weather is behind us.

I realize that talking about the weather is the most boring thing in the world but I leave these entries here so that I can look back and remember how things were as I can never trust my memory.

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  1. 80% of the conversations I had with my dad were about the weather.


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