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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

True Detective Season 1 (Spoiler Alert)

Only read this if you've watched all eight episodes of True Detective!

Did True Detective live up to its full potential? Not really but it beats the hell out of feature movies. It took television 60 years to realize its own potential as a medium. If you wear contact lenses apply saline solution before you start watching this scene because it’s six minutes of a tracking shot without a cut. No blinking allowed!

Feature films have absolutely nothing on television these days.
This Simpsons' clip is pure comedy gold (and has nothing to do with the above pointless post).


  1. Some movies can still hold their own, or at least some moviemakers. Alfonso Cuaron's "Children of Men" has a great long shot (also about 6 minutes.)


  2. The problem with True Detective is they just didn’t have enough story. It got to be acting for the sake of acting and that just wasn’t enough for me. The lack of story completely undermined the gravity of the crimes committed.

    House of Cards has been fantastic. It’s just about powerful men fighting it out like gladiators and may the biggest son of a bitch win. I’m putting my money on Frank Underwood and wife.

    I wouldn’t trade one episode of House of Cards for all the movies made last year…and that series doesn’t even rate among my favorites.

  3. This is a decent, short-run show.


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