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Monday, February 11, 2013

Facebook Rescue Effort

Something that was posted on Facebook.

20 Pick-up Lines for Runners via Run The Edge

1. Dang it! My coach told me not to get my heart rate over 160 today but then I saw you!
2. What’s your PR (Personal Record)? If you go out with me, you will be mine!
3. You can stop chasing your dreams. I am right here.
4. Was that an earthquake or are you rocking this run?
5. You run like DSL. How can I get high-speed access?
6. Roses are red, violets are blue, would you mind if I ran with you?
7. Do you know karate? ‘Cause you have a great finishing kick!

Totally gruesome, I know.  They didn’t get any better so I spared you the other 13. Perhaps we can save these if we change the format a bit. How about this?

Misogynist, Unwelcomed, and Completely Inappropriate Pick-Up Lines from a Guy with a Thick Foreign Accent on Your Jog

1) You have good body because of running but if we marry and have many childrens you every day work 10 hours for to plow fields better than make jogging. It promise.

2) In Soviet Union I also have sport girl woman just like you but Svetlana really man, not woman, who throw shot put many meters and cook best soup ever tasted.

3) Running with erection in pants difficult, almost impossible but I make exception for you until pepper spray too painful for me continue.

4) You run from me but I stalk you now many days and I know address where you living. You like go to cinema?

5) You not need running short shorts for look too many beautiful.  More beautiful in burka at back of mosque. Please not to talk when Imam condemn Great Satan America.

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