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Monday, May 14, 2012

Myths of The Titanic #302

Perhaps a bigger disaster than the sinking itself.
 Although supposedly the most luxurious ocean liner of its era, the Titanic only had one bathroom for all of its 3,300 passengers and crew, and this was just a port-o-pot (port-a-loo) on one of the lower decks.* The port-o-pot often fell over in high seas drenching passengers in the deck below, although this was a Third Class deck and no one seemed to notice.

*I could have said “poop deck” for an added laugh but my humor is much too sophisticated to stoop that low. In fact, most of what I write goes right over the heads of most of the people who read this blog and only a select few really “get it.”  We know who we are so don’t raise your hands and make the others uncomfortable.


  1. The real tragedy of the Titanic was the Celine Dión song. It will live in infamy (and in my timpani) forever.

  2. Drowning in the freezing Atlantic or having to take a dump in this port-o-let would be a piece of cake compared to all the times I've had to listen to that horrible squawking.


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