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Friday, July 01, 2011

The Street Where I Live

I just made one of the easiest moves of my life today, or most of it anyway (the easiest was when I moved to the apartment next door in my building in Seattle). Today’s hump was only about 80 meters down the street. I high-jacked a shopping cart from the supermarket and loaded my stuff which was crammed into those new recyclable bags they sell everywhere now. There are a lot of great old buildings in this neighborhood which was why I was so intent on staying in Ruzafa-Canovas. I am also right across the street from one of my favorite cafés in Valencia, Bar Canadá. From my old apartment it was almost one block away! I had it rough back then.
The most fantastic thing about the new place is that there is a piano in the apartment left by the owner. I haven’t played in over two years and it’s been ages since I really tried at it. To steal a line from Bart Simpson: I not saying that I’m going to try, but I’ll try to try. I think I still have my music somewhere in all of this mess. Time to get cracking and torture the new neighbors. Actually, my neighbors in my building in Seattle often used to knock on my door and compliment me on my playing, although they may have just been using the opportunity to canvas my stuff which they could later sell to buy crystal meth.

*I made this video a month or so ago. My place is at about 1:56 in the video.

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