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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nikon R.I.P.

Why isn’t there a picture for this post? Because I was flying down the street on my bike trying to fish my camera out of my messenger bag when it fell and was subsequently run over by about 50 cars and trucks. I didn’t even bother to go back for it. I just left it in the road like a dead animal. I suppose that I could have retrieved the 2 gig card in it. On the bright side, I’ve been looking into buying a strictly video camera to improve the quality of my cooking videos (at least improve the film and sound, whether they will be better is doubtful).  I have my old camera around here somewhere. I suppose you really should replace these forms of very ephemeral technology about every two years, even if they haven’t been run over by a line of angry Spanish motorists.   


  1. I was looking at video cameras the other day. 'Ephemeral' is exactly the right word. One reason I never bought a video camera was the utter confusion caused by having a gazillion different tape formats to choose from. That problem seems to have gone away now, because every camera I looked at just throws digits onto a memory card (still in a ludicrous range of sizes and formats, but hey).

  2. One interesting thing about this sort of technology is that when you go shopping you discover that everything is cheaper and better than the last time you bought it. The same camera I had now has 14 megapixel (whatever the fuck a megapixel is but more must be better, right?).


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