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Monday, October 11, 2010

Barcelona II

Wow, Barcelona really sucks on a bike. I don’t remember it being so bad the last time I was here. The are few bike paths and the traffic is horrible. I’ll take Valencia any day—at least as far as bikes are concerned.  To paraphrase The Smiths, there’s more to life than bikes, but not much more. As bad as riding around the city was, it beats walking around the city.

Since I know Barcelona from previous visits I don’t feel obligated to run around like an idiot touching all of the bases required of tourists.  Where I am staying is in such a great location. I skipped up to the Boqueria market this morning to buy some olives to accompany the great bottle of wine I brought along on this trip. It took longer once inside the market to find a stall selling olives than it took me to walk there from my apartment.

From yesterday’s solid 10 hours of walking and today’s cycling, my legs feel like cement. Humping up Montjuic after wine and lunch was a chore.  On the ride down we stopped in the quiet Plaça Surtidor and had a beer from the restaurant of that name.

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