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Friday, October 08, 2010

Further Embellishments on the Definition of Lazy

I needed to go to the supermarket this morning. It’s about four blocks from my house; way too far for me to walk. Instead of taking my bike which requires opening up the storeroom downstairs, unlocking two chains, and then opening up the two big doors on the street I thought I’d take a Valenbisi bike. We have two stations in opposite directions that are about a block from my door. My first choice of stations didn’t have any bikes so I had to walk to the other for a total of three blocks walked. I rode the four blocks to the store and parked at a station about a half a block away. I had a coffee and read some French. I did my shopping and returned by bike but instead of leaving the bike at the station where I got it I rode a few blocks out of the way so that I could leave it at the first station that still didn’t have any bikes. I did my good Valenbisi deed for the day but I ended up walking about as far as I would have without a bike. It sounds stupid, I know, but I like riding bikes.

Valenbisi Update

I must have set some sort of Valenbisi speed record just now coming back from my French class in Cabanyal. 19 minutes! Read it and weep, wheel suckers. Granted, I made a total mockery of Spanish traffic laws but this still goes down in the record books.

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