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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another Close Brush with Consumerism

With a fancy new flat screen TV in the house that accepts USB drives to play videos and things I thought I would buy a bigger pen drive. I already have a 2 gig drive that works fine for just about anything you need but I was thinking a bigger one would be nice for the TV. I don’t really need a new drive but I’m a big shot so why not? I humped over to Carrefour which is only a few blocks from my apartment. Riding my bike over there I started thinking about other things I could pick up while I was there—they have everything at Carrefour. I was making a list of all of the aisles I would chick out: pots and pans, food, wine, along with the computer crap where you find the flash drives. I had a wallet full of Euros and my own shopping bag (Carrefour was the first store to stop giving out plastic bags—good for them).

What I forgot was that I am the world’s worst consumer, especially when you gage me up inside of one of these superstores. The more choices you give me the better likelihood I have of running out through an alarmed door just so that I can start breathing again. I looked at the flash drives and everything was too small or too expensive. I moved on to kitchenware. A couple things I really need they didn’t have. The grocery department surely could provide something to put into my personal shopping bag. I wanted some really good olive oil but nothing they had measured up to my expectations. By this time I started thinking about the check-out lines and how much I hate them at this place. Of course in the end I just said “Fuck it” and got the hell out of there without spending a cent.

If there is a lesson in all of this then I’m too stupid to have learned it by now as I have done this more than once.

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