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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Valencia to Sagunto Bike Ride

This is about a three hour ride, round trip if you hump it pretty good. Not a bad day's ride. I was out for more than four hours with all of the stops and sightseeing that I did. The ride from Sagunto to the fortress on top of the mountain just about killed me today but that's probably because I was showing off for a group of women who were sliding back down from visiting the citadel. There are spots that are just about as steep as you can possibly manage on a bike. I have been trying to make this video for a while. I have had bike and camera failures on earlier attemtps.

The town of Sagunto is really pretty. It has a lot to offer the tourist although I was trying to cover a lot of ground on this ride so I didn't hang around long. The fortress is enormous and has been around since recorded histroy in this area. Hannibal sacked the city in 219 bc which was the beginning of the Second Punic War.