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Saturday, November 05, 2022

Mid Term Election in the USA


It’s curious (and criminal) that Republicans wouldn’t dream of lowering military spending, yet refuse to defend our poorer citizens against disease and ill health.

“Opponents, including the conservative group Americans for Prosperity, argue that Medicaid needs to be overhauled, not expanded. Keith Moore, the group’s South Dakota director, said that giving free health care to able-bodied people would discourage them from working and would hurt the truly needy by creating long lines for doctors.

‘With people being put on Medicaid, you’re taking purpose from people, you’re taking dignity from people,’ Mr. Moore said. ‘People need to work.’

But advocates say South Dakotans who need health care are already working; the state’s unemployment rate is 2.3 percent, the lowest figure in more than a decade.”

First of all, thanks, Biden, for lowering unemployment. Secondly, Fuck you, Keith Moore. People need to work? People are working but many without health care. Is that the “dignity” he’s talking about?

“…giving free health care to able-bodied people would discourage them from working”

To further break down Mr. Moore’s idiotic statement, people ARE working and the health care from Medicaid isn’t free, just like military spending isn’t free. The working poor pay a higher percentage of their incomes in taxes than Elon Musk.

I blame this disregard for our citizens on a complete lack of empathy (the ability to share someone else's feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person's situation). I blame the lack of empathy on the fact that people don’t read novels (or anything, for that matter). Look at that definition of “empathy” in parenthesis, and this is exactly the experience you gain from reading literature.

This is just my personal take on the matter. I could be wrong, although I think that I've been on the right side of history over the course of my life.

Irony is lost on half-wits who claim to be against big government and then turn around and participate in a coup d’├ętat, or at least defend it. They claim to be against government spending then sit back and watch our defense spending reach preposterous levels, while screaming about providing health care to citizens. Poor health care—or a complete lack of it, in many cases—is a much greater peril than foreign armies. 

Of course, a lot of folks will dismiss anything printed in the New York Times, but then they’ll turn around a believe the most absurdist, un-American filth imaginable, shit like Trump won the 2020 election. That is just poison.

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