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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Republican Covid End Game

 Watching all of these Republicans spewing bile over Biden’s vaccine mandates drives home the idea that conservatives are simply weaponizing ignorance. Their policies do nothing to aid the lower-class prols, the brown-shirted thugs who do the party’s dirty work. No rich person could ever be bothered to picket an abortion clinic, or storm the Capitol, or go to a Trump rally. The genius of their movement is to keep their people stupid and constantly angry about something. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Any reasonable person knows that abortion is a really complex topic, except for the fetus-lovers, to them it’s murder, and maybe it is. But it’s a lot more complicated and when anyone tries to point this out to the morons, they are branded as a murderer. You can’t win that argument, not with the base. I’d bet anything that someone, somewhere deep in a conservative “think tank” has crunched the numbers and decided that it’s worth it for Republicans to be anti-vax even if they lose a million of their base to the virus. I truly believe they are that cynical.

We obviously have no collective memory in our society, so Republicans aren’t worried that anything they say and do now regarding Covid will come back to bite them in the ass later. Look at the Afghan War. According to Republicans, it’s all Biden’s fault. They are doing the same thing with Covid. They will just deny their disastrous stances, or better yet, move on to the next outrage du jour, whatever that will be. I have been saying for years that American conservatives are always able to control what we are discussing as a society. Biden is one of the few people who refuses to listen to them. Bravo, Joe.

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