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Friday, January 05, 2018

Pig for Crisps

The jamón-flavored potato chips (only in Spain) I buy have a recommendation on the bag that once you open them you should finish the product in a week. Do I get some sort of prize if I finish them off by myself in less than five minutes?

If I had the will power to open a bag of chips and leave them around for a week, I wouldn’t have to avoid that aisle in the supermarket as if it were the infectious disease ward at the hospital (which I really do avoid because, eww, I have a lot of health problems I wouldn't want to pass on).

La bolsa de las patatas fritas, sabor jamón, dice que una vez abierto el envase hay que consumir el producto preferentemente en el plazo de una semana. ¿Hay un premio si tardo menos de cinco minutos en acabar con la bolsa?

Si tuviera la fuerza de voluntad para abrir una bolsa de papas fritas y dejarlas por una semana, no tendría que evitar ese pasillo en el supermercado como el pabellón de enfermedades infecciosas del hospital.

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