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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Socialism in Action

While in America we are bickering over whom to throw out of the country and how to make polluting even easier for large corporations here in Valencia the emphasis is on making life better for everyone. This new separated bike path around the city center will make cycling a much more attractive transportation option for commuters. It not only makes biking more secure but it has calmed the streets, especially on Calles Colón, Xàtiva, and Guillem de Castro. 

There has been considerable debate about this project and I have seen endless criticisms in the press and in interviews with citizens on TV but I think all of the polemics will vanish quickly, if they haven’t already been forgotten. This is exactly like all of the fuss that was made over the anti-smoking law and how it was going to destroy the bar and restaurant industry when, in fact, after it came into effect absolutely everyone agreed that it was a great thing. Some people are screaming that the bike paths will negatively impact businesses in the center but anyone who has studied urban planning knows that when you limit cars people flood in to fill the void.


  1. They banned smoking in bars in Spain?

    1. Like five years ago. One of the best things for me since I've been here.


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