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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

In the News

If you don’t read The New Yorker regularly then you’re just missing out on one of the best things America has to offer—it’s worth it just for the cartoons. Some call it the main stream media (MSM) or lame stream media (how clever) but I would have to ask those folks how they keep informed. "Main stream meda" used as a pejorative just means any news source conservatives don't support. As I have said again and again, you are what you read—or don’t read.

If there are better publications out there, please let me know. Here is a list of the stuff that I read on a regular basis if not every day in my quest to be an informed citizen.

The New Yorker (mentioned above)

The Wall Street Journal – This is without a doubt the least favorite on the list and my nod to something conservative. It’s mostly just financial news geared for oligarchs with things like “Nazis Take Power: What Does this Mean for Markets?” or something to that effect.

P.S. The cartoon above is one of my all-time favorites from The New Yorker back when I had home delivery.

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