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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Bigger the Better

It’s curious how I can be so frugal and such a complete glutton as well. I will go to almost comic lengths to save every drop of water that comes out of the taps yet I can never seem to cook for less than six people even though I live alone. Cooking small just doesn’t appeal to me in the least so I almost always cook for my phantom family.

When I make stock—either chicken, fish, beef, or pork—I like to make a lot as it takes the same time to make four liters of stock as it does to make three times that much. No matter how big my stock pot is I invariable surpass its limits and have liquid boiling over on to the top of my stove so I am always thinking to buy an even bigger caldron. I doubt that the size of the stock pot I use will keep me from over-filling it and having a broth volcano erupt on my stove but knowing that doesn’t keep me from looking for something even bigger than I have. "Something Even Bigger than I Have" will be the title of my memoir.

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