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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Right Tool for the Job

To make a really good tortilla it’s best to start with a really good pan. This enameled fry pan is perfect but I don’t want to give you the impression that a normal slob like yourself can make a tortilla like mine simply because you have a good fry pan. That would just be cruel on my part.

P.S. Just in case people still think that we have crappy food in the USA I present Exhibit A, a take-out pizza from Washington. I would kill for a pizza like this here in Valencia.


  1. The Tortilla in the picture looks perfect! Do you like to make it fresh, eggy and liquidy? Or do you prefer the firm, salty style?

    I remember reading in other entries that you were fond of the Tortilla de Patata boca. Never tried it, but will next time.

  2. This is a tortilla de patatas con morcilla enchorizada (just because I had some of this great morcilla hanging in my kitchen). I prefer my tortilla “jugosa” or a little wet which you can only get when it has been made very recently as it will soon set. This pan is a million times better than any other non-stick skillet I have ever used.

  3. US pizza, sigh. I could go for a red-hot NY slice right now. There is an Argentine take-out place around the corner from me that sells a fair approximation of a Sicilian square slice (http://lapizzateca.com/), but I do have to doctor it up with more sauce, cheese, garlic salt, oregano, etc.


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