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Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Get Away with Murder

A jury in Florida has decided that if you instigate an act of aggression against another citizen and they decide to fight back you can then shoot them dead, even if you are advised by the police to keep your distance from the other person.  Even with this warning given to the killer a jury found him innocent.  Without getting into the whole sticky issue of “racism” just be sure that you are white and the person you plan to murder is black, at least that’s what this little test seemed to demonstrate.

In the supposedly liberal New York Times I don’t  think that I saw one article about the case that didn’t include the minor injuries the killer received. We don’t know exactly how he got these injuries because el Tubbo Zimmerman shot the other witness through the heart thus silencing the other witness for eternity. Just why we didn’t get to see Trayvon Martin’s injuries is a mystery to me. I think that a bullet hole through the chest trumps a couple of superficial head wounds.

I once served on a jury in a Florida court and I can say a few things that probably are true in many communities across America. First of all I would venture to guess that most prosecutors and public defenders are scraping the bottom of the legal barrel. In the case that I heard in Florida if you took the IQ of the prosecutor and the public defender you’d be 20-30 points short of Forrest Gump. The travesty of the Zimmerman acquittal has more to do with class than race. He had money for a decent defense that was pitted against what seemed to be a completely inept prosecution. Of course I’m not a lawyer but I don’t even understand how Zimmerman's statement to the police was admissible in the case if he was unwilling to take the stand. You can’t cross-examine a statement and the statement could have been a complete fantasy.

Zimmerman’s injuries were pretty fucking far from life-threatening and we don’t even know if they were inflicted by the murdered boy. For all we know Zimmerman beat himself to make it look like self-defense after he shot Trayvon Martin through the heart. Zimmerman referred to the boy as a “fucking asshole” without knowing anything about him. He was warned not to approach the youth who was simply going to his home and then the hero Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin dead while claiming self-defense.

This is a completely preposterous precedent if someone can be warned not to approach another citizen and then go on to kill them and claim self-defense. Zimmerman was obviously the aggressor. The mere act of approaching Martin was aggressive in nature. He had no business or reason to challenge the boy. Martin had committed no crime; he was simply going home when he was stalked by Zimmerman.

The saddest and stupidest aspect of this case—other than that a teenage boy was senselessly murdered—is how so many Americans have rallied to the side of this murderous loser, wannabe policeman. I offer up a bit of wisdom to American conservatives: if you are repeatedly accused of being a racist you're probably a fucking racist. It’s 2013, enlighten up for fuck’s sake.


  1. The Seventh Sense: I Fear Black People

  2. I wonder how much the NRA paid of Zimmerman's defense fund.

  3. Replies
    1. Zimmerman sure as shit ain't black. He has a white name and he looks pretty damn white to me. I really don't give a shit about the race angle here. What bothers me is how someone can shoot another person dead and not be convicted of a crime. How the hell does that happen?

  4. I heard the verdict while vacationing in Catalunya and it made me wonder how the Spanish people would have reacted. I wanted to explain it to some friends but my Catalan isn't good enough for me to explain the absurdity of the Zimmerman defenders.

  5. What's even more absurd are these jurors who come out and said that he was guilty. Fucking morons. I once swayed an entire jury my way to declare a defendant innocent when I knew he was guilty simply because I thought it was a bullshit case and he didn't deserve the sort of sentence the prosecutor had in mind for him. Call me an activist juror.


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