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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Life Without an Automobile

No, I’m not describing a life of deprivation and poverty but a lifestyle that few people in America could even imagine. As John Lennon said, it’s easy if you try. Imagine that instead of getting in your car to do every one of your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks—whatever they may be—instead of driving, imagine that you are near enough to every place you need to go that walking is possible. A bike would also be an integral part of your personal transportation plan if you lived where I live.

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  1. I'm agree with you. You can travel in Valencia city with a bike (or metro or bus). But, in the last three decades, the factories migrated to "polígonos industriales", clusters out of the cities or towns. Most of those "polígonos" can only be reached by car. The "Polígono Juan Carlos I", next to the Ford Factory at Almussafes and full of providers, has no bus or train station at all.


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