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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mostly Rehashed Shit From Other Essays

Just when you thought there was nothing good on television Hollywood officials report that vast reserves of shitty TV shows have been discovered several hundred meters below the lowest common denominator. Look for these new programs this fall:

 1)      Mike Evans, Dolphin Hunter
2)      So You Think You Can Watch Paint Dry
3)      America’s Top Plumber: The Toilet Whisperer
4)      Celebrity Interviews: Kevin Spacey’s Personal Assistant’s Dog Walker
5)      CSI: Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood
6)      America’s Funniest Home Fatalities
7)      The Rush Limbaugh Gospel Hour
8)    Cyber-Bullying Secrets from the Pros
9)    Interviews with Interviewers: A Talk Show for Talk Show Hosts
10)   Mirror Image: People Watching People Watching TV Watching People Watching TV…

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