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Thursday, December 29, 2011

War in Iraq December 2011: The Final Essay?

La obsesión de la mente totalitaria es su necesidad de que el mundo resulte claro y nítido. Cualquier sutileza, o contradicción, o complejidad lo asusta y confunde, y se le hace insoportable.
-Jacobo Timerman Preso sin Nombre, Celda sin Número

Timerman was talking about the military junta in Argentina in the 1970s but he just as easily could have been speaking for the American Right. As much as American conservatives go on and on about freedom and how much they love it, they are always the first to abandon freedoms if it means only a rumor of order in their world. American conservatives will also abandon any argument they have obviously lost—and those are many—because accepting responsibility for their failures violates their precious sense of order. After nine years Americans troops have left Iraq which represents one of the most horrific foreign policy disasters in American history and completely fabricated by the American Right. The end of America’s shameful occupation in Iraq is over but for conservatives this isn’t news.

Talking about Iraq after it has all been said and done serves no purpose in the Right’s rhetoric. The same is true in the science of global climate change. Years ago conservatives denied that climate change was happening. After more than a decade of relentless progress on the part of science the Right simply changed the goal posts and made their argument one of denying the all this is being caused by human activity on the planet. Admitting that they have been wrong on something is completely beyond their capability and violates the basic tenets of their God-given philosophy, something they point out frequently. To acknowledge that they are wrong is like denying the infallibility of their god, whoever that is.

I remember back in April in 2003 (the days of “Mission Accomplished”) when many conservative pundits demanded that opponents to the war in Iraq apologize for their mistake. Many of these pundits have since changed their stance on the war and act like they had it right all along. Admitting that their original position was completely wrong is completely out of the question.

Obama tries to paint a happy face on America's exit from disaster.

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