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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sunny and Cold

I have a little Celsius/Fahrenheit cheat-sheet on the shelf above my desk that converts between the two in intervals of five degrees in Celsius* but I know without even looking that it is cold this morning. My house is fantastic during the warm months but when it’s cold, living here is a little like camping. My bedroom is completely interior but that doesn’t mean it’s anything approaching comfortable. I have been looking for just the right rug for my bedroom but we have arrived at that moment in the season when any old damn thing will do.  I use a little electric heater in the bathroom otherwise showering can be painful. The good news is that winter is a matter of about six weeks around here.  We are still getting up to 15 degrees and above during these shortest days of the year so I don’t have much to complain about.  

Celsius – Fahrenheit
35 …. 95
30 … 86
25 … 77
20 … 68
15 … 59
10 … 50
5  … 41


  1. I rent a place for totally cheap in the center of Madrid, with central heat included (from the communidad boiler.Some days I sweat.) Downside, it's falling down on my head and the landlord won't fix squat. But hell, I'M WARM!!

    Also: formula for C to F: double the Centrigrade, subtract 10% and add 32. so:

    35 X 2 = 70. 70 X .10 = .7. 70 - 7 = 63. 63 + 32 = 93.

    My dad was an accountant and would torture us with stuff like this at dinner. The things you'll do when you're 11 years old to get more meatloaf..

  2. I meant, 95. New glasses are the first thing on the agenda for 2012.

  3. I'd freeze to death while trying to do the math.


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