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Monday, November 22, 2010

Conservatives' Short Memory Lampooned

I was flying out of Seattle several years ago during the Bush regime the day after they began making people take off their shoes or some other silly-ass security hoop they made us jump through. It was all so ridiculous to me at the time but if you even hinted that you didn’t approve you risked getting on a no-fly list or worse. All I could think of at the time was that they should just have a clown thump all passengers over the head with a dead chicken to complete the humiliation process.  When boarding a commercial airplane you basically have no rights and authorities can do with you what they please. You can’t even back out of flying once you begin the security check.

Now airline security excesses are the cause célèbre of conservatives in America.  Somehow this is all Obama’s fault.  They have the memory of fruit flies with intellects even smaller.  It wasn’t liberals who were screaming bloody murder for absurd levels of security. We didn’t invent Homeland Security (rhymes with mall security). Just like the completely fucked-up economy that Obama inherited so he was with America’s hysterical attitude about terrorism.

You can't have it both ways, conservatives. You can't create a state of fear and then expect much in the way of liberty. Having us all freak-out over terrorism served you well (remember those weekly colored alerts?). You used fear to bully us into two unwinnable wars and pass the Patriot Act and now you cry because someone touches your junk at the airport.  Way to think only one move ahead.  Anti-terrorism was the hammer and lack of patriotism was the anvil.  The fact that our liberties were being smashed didn’t seem to bother conservatives during the Bush administration but now all of a sudden liberals are responsible.

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