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Monday, March 01, 2010

Happiness Is a Warm Bike Ride

I had my first bike ride of the year in short pants last Thursday (25FEB10). I followed up again the next two days. Yesterday I took a break from cycling but I will be back out again today in shorts. The spring in this part of Spain is a cycling paradise and I plan to take full advantage with my new stable of bikes. I hope to have my racing bike fixed and ready for the road by the weekend. We’ve had temperatures up to 20 degrees (68°f). I think we can officially declare that winter is dead. I can’t say that it was nice knowing you, winter.

Not only is it warm but finally everything is dry. The Turia Park bike trail has been such a quagmire in places that I even opted on a few occasions to ride up on the street—that’s like choosing to run with the bulls instead of watching the spectacle from behind iron bars. Now all of the puddles have dried up and riding through Valencia’s best place is once again one of the best things about living here. I think it is worth it to visit Valencia just to take a bike ride through this park that stretches from one side of the city almost all the way to the beach.

Today is the beginning of the beginning of Fallas here in Valencia. The true craziness begins March 15th but there is a lot going on before the official start. Another great reason to ride a bike is that you can get around the city to see all of the different Fallas. The is also the daily Mascletá downtown but if you ride a bike there don’t expect to get too near the Plaza de Ayuntamiento as there are a hell of a lot of spectators every day. Lock your bike up a couple blocks away. When it is over you can head back to your bike and beat the crowds to the best restaurants for a big comida.

*The video is a promotion for Hungarians to ride their bikes to work.