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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bike Ride Out of Valencia

Not a very good video of a bike ride from my neighborhood of Ruzafa to the outlying villages of Bujassot and Godella. This ride only takes about 40 minutes or so. First I go to the bike Trail at Turia park. I can actually pick up the bike trail about a half a block from my apartment but I take the street to Turia because it is quicker and faster than the bike trail Once I drop down into the park at the Palau de la Música I follow the trail until Avenida dels Corts de Valencia. I think you can see El Corte Inglés from down in the park. From here the bike trail follows Avenida dels Corts de Valencia past the new stadium currently under construction (but no work has been done on it for something like a year) and then on to the metro station at Emplame. From here you cross the tracks and follow the street through Burjassot and Godella. I love this ride.