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Monday, January 26, 2009

A View of Summer

A View of Summer

I wake up really early almost every day. At least it's early for Spain, early like 7 o´clock, sometimes earlier. At this hour there is already a lot going on at the Ruzafa Market next door, but that's about it. Barely a car passes on the street below and forget about pedestrians. At this point in winter it doesn't start getting light until around 8 o'clock so I'm walking around in the dark for at least an hour every day. This is also the coldest part of the day. I'm not complaining, I stopped complaining about the “cold” because it really isn't cold here in Valencia. With that said, I really love summer here.

I was just looking through my pictures, mostly because most of them are terrible and need to be deleted. I came across this one that tells the story about why summer here is so great: a rooftop barbecue with lots of friends, beer, and food. This rooftop terrace is about as good as it gets for a summer party. From up here you can see all over the city. The sunsets are almost always spectacular over the hills to the west of Valencia. The group in the picture is probably less than half of the crowd that usually shows up whenever there is a party at this flat. I find it remarkable that most people here in Valencia don't take advantage of their rooftops for this sort of thing. Seattle also had some spectacular patios with views of the city and the Puget Sound. I just hope that this apartment stays in the hands of friends when summer returns.