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Thursday, October 09, 2008

One Vote Cast

One Vote Cast

I take voting pretty seriously. The first time that I was allowed to vote I just had to walk a few steps to our garage as this was the neighborhood polling station back when I was 18 years old. I haven't missed a presidential election. I was wondering how I was going to vote in this election since I no longer have a stateside address. Luckily, Barack Obama and his team answered this question for me. Obama took out an ad in El PaĆ­s a while back directing U.S. citizens living abroad to a website that gives instructions on voting overseas. I suppose that I should have wrote about this a month ago for those who may not have read the Obama ad. I printed up the form from the website, mailed it off to my home state of Washington, and was promptly sent my ballot. I mailed my ballot yesterday.

I have heard people say that this is the most important presidential election in U.S. history. I disagree. The most important election in U.S. history was the 2004 presidential election. I hate to think about how things may have been if Kerry had won.

This time around I think that Obama should be a shoe in. As Chris Rock has pointed out, George Bush has fucked up so badly that he has made it difficult for a white man to run for president. I'm sorry but that is pretty much the rule. If your party has been in power for the last eight years and the country is a disaster, it's time to let someone else run things for a while.

Here is my plan for getting out of Iraq. The very day that Obama takes office he should send a squadron of C5 transport planes to Baghdad, load up every U.S. soldier, and fly the fuck out of that toilet. Everything military we leave behind should be destroyed. I contend that things in Iraq will be worked out more peacefully with US gone. Anyone who says I am wrong has probably been horribly wrong about the war from the start. I have been dead right from before we invaded so pardon me if I think that you are full of shit if you disagree with me.

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