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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pervo Returns

He's Back!

Yes, after months of dormancy the public masturbator was present yesterday on the Carril Bici at Pinedo Beach. I wrote about this creep some months back. He likes to stand just off the bike path and wank off to unsuspecting cyclists. Most people just ignore him and keep riding but I like to think of myself as a bit more civic-minded than most folks. I also believe it is the duty of the strong to stand up to bullies. I don't think anyone really cares to see a middle-age man masturbating in public but most folks don't want to get involved or they feel threatened by this highly aggressive act.

The first time I caught him doing his show I threw some rather large rocks at him and threatened to kick his ass if he returned. He came back just a few days later. He either didn't believe me or he weighed in favor of getting his rocks off in public yet another time. The next time I had my camera and I threated to take his picture. This got rid of him for a long time...until yesterday.

There he was standing at the abandoned factory that the trail skirts on this section of the beach. He was going at it and apparently didn't recognize me. I immediately stopped, took out my camera, and starting shooting. I caught him just as he was turning around and running for his fucking life. “¡Corre, puto, corre!” I hollered after him (run, you little bitch). Someone has to take out the trash.

The thing is, there are plenty of places at the beach that offer privacy—at least from the general public's view. I'm sure there are spots at the beach where this sort of behavior is not only acceptable but welcomed, but not right on my bike trail. Sorry, pervo.

“Hey pervo, I hope your miserable parents see this photo.”

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