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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Eurocopa 2008

Euro Copa 2008 is underway which means a whole lot of football for the next three weeks until the final on June 29. It's an orgy of games, especially during the first round of the group selections when there are TWO games PER DAY! Sorry, was I shouting? OK, I have to calm down a bit or I'll never make it to the finals. A couple of deep breaths and I'll be completely composed. But then I start thinking about Spain's chances this year and their first game against Russia. Do you really think Spain can go all the way this year? Why not? Why the fuck not? Ooohhh, sharp stabbing pain in chest ... must ... eat... less... pork. Not to worry, I just needed to let out a big burp; too much junk food during last night's two games.

I would say that the mood here in Spain is one of very guarded optimism, and when I mean “guarded” I mean that the Spanish have put their optimism in a fortress with 50 meter walls and a moat around it and they are willing to throw their optimism—kicking and screaming—from the highest towers of that fortress at the first sign of defeat. I saw a video on youtube encouraging Brits to support Spain in the Eurocopa as their selection didn't qualify. I have also heard a song here to the tune of the Spanish national anthem that begins with words of hope for the Spanish team and then ends with Spain being defeated in the early rounds. The Spanish are then prodded to support teams that will still be in it.

It's going to be pretty frantic around here for the next few weeks so if you don't here from me just call 9-11 and send over an ambulance for me. Thanks. Until I do drop dead I'll be dividing my time between my apartment, where I can watch one of the daily matches, and the bars that have pay cable TV for the other game. It will be grueling—mostly for my intestinal track and my liver but this is when all of that training will really pay off for me.

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