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Friday, April 18, 2008

Mi Mascota

I´d much rather have a dog but for now a turtle will have to do. You can´t take him for walks, and he won´t return a Frisbee, but he´s a lot more entertaining than a tank of fish. I used to call him El Conde de Monte Cristo because he was forever trying to escape, but I got him a much bigger tank to swim around in so now he seems either resigned to the fact that he ain´t getting out, or he is content with his new quarters. Now I just call him Schmurtle. After worrying all winter because he never ate anything, now he has become a carnivorous pain in the ass that needs to be fed constantly. If I somehow forget to throw him some food in the morning, you can hear him splashing around furiously. He eats turtle food from the pet store. I also found that he likes the flies that I catch in the apartment. Fly catching is fairly time-consuming and not too productive, so he mainly lives on these little fish that I bought in the seafood section of the supermarket. He loves his little pescaditos and will swallow them whole if he is hungry enough, and he´s almost always hungry enough. I let him bite my finger once. I won´t fucking let that happen again as I thought he was going to take off a hunk. He has quite a set of jaws and some sharp teeth. The next project is finding a filter for his tank because he dirties it up in a hurry with the amount of dead fish he eats. I have to clean it out every week or so. He´s a good little swimmer and I have thought that he may want to be released into the wild when he gets a little older. I have a nice little place picked out for him in La Albufera that is a brackish pond with access to the Mediterranean. I don´t know if he can make it on his own because he is so used to having fish literally dumped on his head. Sometimes I make him work really hard to get his pescadito just to keep things honest.

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