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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Governor's Cup crew 1990

Governor's Cup crew 1990. The end of a very, very, very long weekend.

At the America's Cup Port, Valencia, Spain. The boat on the screen is the Spanish challenger in the Louis Viutton Cup.

New Zealand Leads, 2-1

I had already written an entire entry about the America’s Cup and how that it was now tied 1-1. The 1-1 tie showed that the New Zealander’s boat was almost a match for the Swiss defender, Alinghi, and then they went out and won anather come-from-behind race today. Not that any of you give a shit about sailboat racing in the first place, but this is turning out to be a rather exciting America’s Cup. I have become a huge fan and out of all of the regattas so far in the Louis Viutton series, I have only missed a few of them. How many opportunities will I get to be so close to this great event?

I had a couple of great summers in Annapolis, Maryland crewing on sailboats. Granted, it was nothing even remotely approaching this level of competition, but it was a lot of fun. Like so many other things in my life, I did it just long enough to get a taste for it and then I moved on to something else. With the Louis Viutton and America’s Cup races I am being forced to relearn a lot of the stuff I forgot about sailboat racing.

I watch the races at the port on these wonderful big screen televisions that they have posted in three different areas. On the south end of the port there is a TV set up inside of a covered warehouse that was part of the old port. As this is closest to the Emirates Team New Zealand headquarters, the place is lousy with Kiwis. On the north end there is a TV set up on a grassy knoll. This seems to be rather neutral territory. Right around the corner is the biggest crowd and this one definitely sways towards the Swiss.

I have watched and greatly admired the skill and guile of the Kiwis and I have to say that they are my emotional favorites. However, if the Swiss win again this means that more than likely the America’s Cup will return to Valencia. Homeland (currently at least) wins out over heart, so I have to route for Alinghi.

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